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About me and the treatments

My name is Charlie

I am a hungarian male Professional Certificated Massage Therapist with several years experiences skilled in a broad variety techniques. I graduated in the International Swiss School. My intention is to give the gift of health by offering the highest quality massage therapy at extremely affordable rates.

My Massage Clinic offers a tranquil, comfortable atmosphere that promotes relaxation and healing.  Each client receives a customized course of treatment appropriate to his/her requirements.

I am specializied in:

·         swedish massage

·         sport massage

·         deep tissue massage

·         relax massage

·         back/shoulder/neck massage


"No single therapeutic agent can be compared
in efficiency with this familiar but perfect tool...
the human hand.  If half as much research
had been expended on the principles
governing manual treatment
as upon pharmacology,
the hand would be esteemed today on a par
with drugs in acceptability and power.
J. Madison Taylor, M.D. 1908


Full Body Swedish Medical Massage

Full Body Swedish Massage promotes general relaxation, nourishes skin, improves circulation, removes metabolic waste products, increases range of motion, and relieves muscle tension. Swedish Massage is soothing, gentle, thorough, and nurturing. It can help reduce emotional and physical stress and is often recommended as part of a regular program for stress management. Since this is our ?signature? therapy, we offer a range of light to firm pressure.

1 hour session offered. Also 40 mins sessions offered for back/nec/shoulders area.

Massage can be deep tissue or relaxation massage based on the client's medical needs.

 Sports Massage 

(Pre and Post Event)

Sports Massage is a form of massage that utilizes specific strokes and stretches to help obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning with less chance of injury or pain. It helps to obtain maximum conditioning by increasing power, endurance and flexibility both before and after an event or work out. It is common (as a result of massage sessions) for performance levels to increase by 20%.

1 hour session.



Where Helping People Feel Better... 
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